Clearing the Haze

Clearing the Haze

How did I get here? How did the dusty roads, the Chadian chai, and the immense Sahara heat disappear into the paved roads, cafe espresso’s and chilled airs of a Montreal borough? And why did they?

The quick answer is, I am not exactly sure. What I can say is this – we made a decision to take the next step that was before us and somehow, with every step that was taken, a path was forming.

Trust me, living in my parents’ home again as a 31 year old, with two boys and another baby on the way wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. BUT it didn’t take long for God to reveal bit by bit the plan that He was unfolding. It was different than what we had imagined. It didn’t involve Africa (the continent we had spent several years training and preparing ourselves to work in) and it required letting go of “our” dreams and “our” ideas and waiting on Him to show us.

And I have learned something about waiting… it doesn’t really ever seem to get easier… or at least not for me! I am a planner and the unknown quite frankly makes me go a bit batty. But what does get easier is trusting a God who has repeatedly shown our family He is trustworthy.

So here we are in Montreal, and in many ways it feels like we are in the middle of a thicket just barely catching glimpses of what’s before us! But the glimpses that we can see are exciting!  And dare I even say beautiful?

– KB in Montreal

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