Muslim Campers Excited About the Bible!

Muslim Campers Excited About the Bible!

Last year we passed word around Halifax/Dartmouth that AIM Canada was offering sponsored camper positions for the children of African immigrant and refugee families. We made it clear that Camp Soar was a fun and inexpensive opportunity for kids to attend ‘church camp‘ and learn more about the Bible. Even at that, we had three campers whose registration forms indicated that they were Muslim. So each night around the campfire I walked us all through the stories from Genesis which specifically point to the person of the Saviour – Jesus Christ.

One of the Muslim campers was particularly engaged in these stories – especially regarding the patriarchs and the symbolism of Abraham’s trust and willingness to offer his son as a sacrifice to God. This teen became quite vocal over the next few days and even declared that their (Muslim) faith had been really challenged by the stories told around the campfire.

Several months later, while I was representing AIM at a missions conference here in Halifax, who should I meet but that very same young Muslim camper. It just happened that he came to our AIM display with some of his fellow students from Christian High School he attended on the day and hour I was helping at the booth. I think God arranged that chance encounter between us just for my own personal encouragement.

All made possible by the generous support of people like you! Thank you for your generous support.

– Jay & Laura in Nova Scotia

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