One More Great Potential!

One More Great Potential!

Back on their home continent, with some frightful exceptions, Christians and Muslims get along fine. That’s a good thing, because the 1.2 billion people in Africa are almost equally divided between the two major faiths.

Yet by their own reckoning, neither Christians nor Muslims in Africa know very much about each other’s faith. In most countries, fewer than half of Christians say they know either some or a lot about Islam.

It’s no surprise then, that when African believers move to our country they are like most Christians who are already here. Miriam, a New Canadian from Kenya, says, “I went to school with Muslims, worked with Muslims and was a neighbour to Muslims and some of them were very good friends. But we never really got to discuss what we believe in.”

Pastor Yonatan Hiruy of Toronto’s Mount Zion Worship Centre agrees: “As for Africans’ knowledge about Islam, it is true, many may not know anything at all about Islam.

Yet godly, effervescent African believers have the potential of being our most effective bridge-builders to Canada’s fast-growing Muslim community. That’s one more way the African Church can transform our nation… inshallah!

– John Brown

John Brown

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