Step by Step

Step by Step

Right now, I am waiting. Waiting and trusting in God, who has already gone before me and prepared the way and will reveal it step by step.

As I wait… in this often frustrating and difficult place where God teaches, prepares, and refines… I am encouraged that I can look back and see how God has been leading and guiding – step by step to bring me to this place. I look back four years to the little village in Madagascar where God made clear how He wanted to use the passions and desires He has laid on my heart… to His hand in the preparations for and return to school… to His sustaining grace and faithful provision through school to obtain the skills He has called me to use to reflect His love, compassion, and kindness… to, over these past five months, opening each door as I have been working through the many layered process required to work in Toronto… and then to this place of waiting.

I would not be honest if I didn’t confess that the path that has led me to this place has presented many challenges along the way and with that many temptations to turn around and take an easier path but God does not call His children to take the easiest path but to walk hand in hand with Him wherever the path may lead. I am thankful that through these challenges, I have come to know in a richer and deeper way God’s love and care, kindness, faithfulness, goodness and sustaining grace.

There are several steps that lie ahead, pieces that only God can put in place, and for now I must wait. So from this place, while it is not where I would have chosen to be, I must look forward with eyes of faith knowing that He will continue to provide, prepare, and equip me for the work He has called me to do and that He will reveal the next step according to His perfect will and timing.

– JR on the way to Toronto

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