1Camper Information
2 Camper's Medical History

Camper Information

IMPORTANT: Prior to completing this form a copy of your Child's Health Card is mandatory. Please verify the date of expiration on your Child's Health Card doesn't overlap with camp scheduling, and upload a digital copy below. Please review our guidelines, if you have any further questions please contact us anytime (info@macministries.ca) we look forward to making memorable and life changing experiences!
BEFORE YOU BEGIN, prepare the following:
  1. Your Child's Health Card  (Check Expiration; Review guidelines for producing a digital copy.)
  2. $50 Camp Registration Fee  (Credit Card required)
  3. Your Child's Medical History  (e.g. Date of last Tetanus shot, Medicines, etc.)

(A copy of your Child's Health Card is MANDATORY prior to start of camp, please verify the date of expiration doesn't overlap with camp scheduling.)
Please ensure the image capturing device being used will adequately render the contents of this document to be legible and of reasonably clear image quality. In most cases, snapping a photo from your mobile device or a scanner will suffice. Maximum file size: 2MB (accepted files formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, .tif, .bmp, .pdf, .eps).



Emergency Contact

(If mother or father is not available)
(Relationship to Camper)

Conditions of Enrollment

  1. The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss a camper who, in his/her opinion, is a hazard to the safety and the rights of others, or who appears to him/her to have rejected the reasonable controls of Camp.

  2. The parents or guardians submitting this application are those having legal custody over the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, must be fully communicated in writing to the Camp, including a photocopy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights. The signature on the registration form signifies that both parents/guardians are in agreement with the condition of enrollment.

  3. Care is taken for the safety and good health of our campers, but in the event of accident or sickness, MAC Camps staff, including the Camp Directors and the owners and the employees of facilities of the Camp grounds are hereby released from any liability.

  4. Each camper must be covered by Provincial Health Insurance or equivalent medical insurance.
  1. In the event that a camper requires special medication, x-ray or treatment beyond that which is possible at the Camp, the parents will be notified immediately and will be charged with any additional expense of transportation and special care. In case of surgical emergency, I hereby give you permission for the physician selected by the Camp Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for my child named above.

  2. I give permission for MAC Camps to use any photograph, video and/or digital media my child is in for promotional material.

  3. MAC Camps requires that Campers who have potentially life-threatening conditions, such as peanut allergies, be able to manage their exposure to those substances, provide two sets of medication, be familiar with its use, and carry the medication in a fanny pack at all times.

  4. In the case of withdrawal during Camp on the physician’s orders, two thirds of the fee for the unexpired term will be refunded (if applicable). No refund will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action, late arrivals or early departures.
I have read, understood and accepted the conditions of enrollment as stated on the application.

I have read, understood and accepted the conditions of enrollment as stated on the application.
(Signature of Parent or Guardian)