MAC Camps (Soar)

MAC Camps (Soar)

The goal of MAC Camps is to give these African and refugee children the chance to get out of the city and be refreshed in our great Canadian wilderness. John says, “We are committed to giving these kids the experience of a lifetime. We want to grow their self-confidence, help them make and keep friends, and gain a deeper understanding of their Creator.”

At MAC Camps we do not operate our own facilities but instead use safe, well-equipped camp facilities that are accessible to major centres across Canada where Africans and refugees have settled.

We focus on developing tomorrow’s leaders:

  • By helping our campers connect with each other and the out-of-doors
  • By ensuring that our staff understand that every camper is the most important reason we are at camp, and is deserving of our care and attention wherever we are – day or night
  • By making the camp experience FUN and meaningful
  • By giving campers the opportunity to observe and learn from gifted, mature mentors (counselors, staff and special speakers)

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